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Exhibition Room (Show Room)

Yoshino Gypsum Toranomon Building
1F Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Profile, Sample Products, Introduction of Gypsum's Properties
2F Introduction of Adopted Design Examples, Acoustic Experiences Room
3F Training Facilities, Conference Facilities
BF Wooden Model House, Construction Training Room

The technology proposal for the future - the origin of the most advanced technological information
Yoshino Gypsum Toranomon Building is a facility allowing us to create Technological Proposal for the Future in liasson with our customers, and is the Driving Force of Our Technological Advances. At the Toranomon Building, we gather all the latest technical information, including up-to-date technical data from our Research and Development Centre, the latest data from the Total Quality Testing Centre - all in conjunction with the production techniques we use at our plants.

"Yoshino Gypsum Toranomon Building" has a concept of technical proposal for the future, and as an exporter of the latest technical information it brings together cutting-edge technologies from the Research and Development Centre, the latest data from the Total Quality Testing Centre and production technologies from the plants.

Our products are actually used in the construction of the building itself, mainly in Exhibition Corner (1F·2F), Acoustical Study Room (2F), Training Room·Conference Room (3F), and the Construction Practice Room (BF). The following are some of the technical proposals exhibited in the Yoshino Gypsum Toranomon Building.
  • Recycling system which contributes to environmental conservation
  • Environmentally friendly products with the ability to improve indoor air quality by reducing formaldehyde concentration.
  • New products offering various improved performances and improving efficiency of construction work
  • High performance drywall systems with fire resistance, sound insulation and so on
  • Model wooden house exhibit

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