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Tiger Glass Rock

Paperless High Strength Board
Paperless high strength board consists of glass fibre in the core and Glass Mat embedded beneath both the face and back side of board. Thin type (6 mm Tiger Glass Rock) can be used in curved walls or ceilings.
Ceilings of Indoor Parking Area
<The ceiling incorporating 6 mm Tiger Glass Rock>
The proposal for the construction method for ceilings at parking areas where do not get any direct exposure to rain by maximizing the excellent qualities of Tiger Glass Rock
The ceiling construction using 6 mm Tiger Glass Rock
Fire Resistant Glass Rock B - 18
<The fire resistant wall incorporating 6 mm Tiger Glass Rock>
The fire resistant wall consisting of a combination of 6 mm Tiger Glass Rock and 12.5 mm Tiger Board (Standard plasterboard) offers aesthetic finish, reduction in weight and thickness and increases the work efficiency. Tiger Glass Rock and Tiger Board can be applied in reverse order depending on finishes.
Shear Wall
<The shear wall incorporating 12.5 mm Tiger Glass Rock>
Shear walls are designed to resist vertical elements of horizontal force such as vertical force generated by earthquake or typhoon in order to prevent buildings from being deformed. Board materials used in shear wall systems require high rigidity.
Quasi-Fire Resistant Walls with 60 minutes, Yoshino Quasi-Fire Resistant Glass Rock MF 60
<The quasi-fire resistant wall incorporating 12.5 mm Tiger Glass Rock>
A layer of 12.5 mm Tiger Glass Rock is applied to each side of wood framings to achieve quasi-fire resistance of up to 60 minutes due to Tiger Glass Rock’s incombustibility.
Renovation Technique using Tiger Glass Rock Clear
<The renovation technique using 4.3 mm Tiger Glass Rock Clear>
Tiger Glass Rock Clear is 4.3 mm decorative sheet with formaldehyde absorption and decomposition performance. The concentration of formaldehyde in a room can be reduced by using Tiger Glass Rock for refurbishment of existing walls. Also, it offers extra fire protection as well.

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