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Treatment for Junctions of Walls

To achieve optimum fire resistance and sound insulation, it is most important that any gaps or other air path which may occur in the partition walls (directly above plasterboard linings at the junction with ceilings or beneath plasterboard linings at floor level) must be sealed with appropriate fillers and sealants during the construction of sound insulation drywalls. Without this treatment, satisfactory sound insulation performance can not be achieved as sounds may be transmitted from gaps or air paths in walls to adjacent rooms. Also, in case of fire, inefficient treatments for gaps or air paths would trigger spread of fire as fire or smoke may run through any gaps at junctions of walls. Therefore, it is so important to treat junctions of walls as follows.

Treatments for Junctions of Walls (3 methods)
* Our walls shown above are non-loadbearing. Thus, the treatments and the size of gaps or air paths shown above are based on the condition that any forces generated by deformation of wall framings are not to be applied to partition walls. The deformation levels of wall framings, such as columns and beams (including creep of floor slab), are not always the same. Therefore, considerations should be taken for any extra gaps or air paths which may occur due to deformation of wall framings during design process.

Materials for treating junctions of walls

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