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Extremely High-Performance Walls with Sound Insulation of TLD-64—80 (Rw = 69—90)

Tiger Dreamy·65,75,80

Tiger Dreamy·65 Sound insulation of more than TLD-64 (Rw=69) is first-ever achieved in Japan.
Tiger Dreamy·75 Improved version of Tiger Dreamy·65 with sound insulation of up to TLD-76 (Rw=86)
Tiger Dreamy·80 The drywall which achieves unprecedented levels of sound insulation

Extremely high-performance drywall achieving unprecedented levels of sound insulation
Wall system incorporating 9.5mm Tiger Super Hard and 21mm Tiger Board·Type Z fire resistant plasterboard provides sound insulation of more than TLD-64 (Rw=69) — a first in Japan, and the result of our acoustical research on plasterboards

[Recommended Applications]
  • Areas adjacent to machine rooms where loud noise is generated
  • Areas requiring exceptionally high levels of sound insulation, such as music studios
  • Sub-division of multi-screen cinemas


[Construction Details]
Tiger Dreamy·65 Tiger Dreamy·75 Tiger Dreamy·80

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