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High-Performance Walls System with Sound Insulation of TLD 60-62 (Rw=64-68)

Tiger Dreamy·60 Series

Tiger Dreamy·60 Tiger Dreamy·60 is the basic type of the series
Tiger Dreamy·61 The system reduces vibration generated in walls by tapping on the wall.
Tiger Dreamy·62 The improved version of Tiger Dreamy 60 achieving sound insulation of up to TLD-62

High-performance sound insulation wall which incorporates vibration isolation materials to provide significantly increased levels of variety of performances

[Recommended Applications]
  • Suitable for areas requiring high levels of sound insulation, such as housing complexes, hotels

  • Exceptionally high levels of sound insulation
    At only 159 mm thick, Tiger Dreamy·60 Series walls systems can provide high levels of sound insulation equivalent to 500 mm reinforced concrete walls
    *Sound insulation: TLD-60 (Rw=64) [Tiger Dreamy·60]
    *Light Weight - Tiger Dreamy·60 Series walls systems weigh much less than reinforced concrete walls. This reduces total weight of buildings. In addition, spaces for foundation or bearing pile can be significantly saved due to thinner structure section of columns or beams.

  • Reduces squeak noises
    Tiger Glass Pad (vibration isolation material) is attached to studs to prevent the studs from being placed directly on fire-resistant plasterboards (base-layer plasterboards). This reduces squeak noises effectively.

  • Reduces impact noises generated by knocking walls
    Impact noises can be reduced effectively by using combination of the staggered studs and Tiger Glass Pad vibration isolation material.

  • Maximum safety
    Strong structure of wall system protects property and life.
    The hard Tiger Super Hard plasterboard, Tiger Board·Type Z fire resistant plasterboard, and a light gauge steel framings (studs) are combined to provide a superior wall system to the conventional gypsum wall systems. The system is capable of achieving higher levels of performances than the official standards.

  • Fire resistance: 1 hour rating (Non-loadbearing: wall systems which do not bear loads from buildings)
    Tiger Dreamy·60 Series walls systems can be used in all levels of floors as separation walls or fire separation walls.

[Construction Details]
Tiger Dreamy·60 Tiger Dreamy·61 Tiger Dreamy·62

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