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Hard Plasterboard(GB-R-H:Gypsum Board-Regular-Hard Type )

Hard plasterboard hereinafter described is applicable to GB-R-H (Gypsum Board-Regular-Hard Type) specified by Gypsum Board Industry Association. The following product is available according to various performances.

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Tiger Super Hard

Tiger Super Hard is the extremely hard plasterboard offering greater strength than ever before.

  • Strength
    Bending failure load is twice as much as that of standard plasterboards.
  • Impact Damage Resistance
    The hardness of surface is four times as much as that of standard plasterboards.
  • Water Resistance
    Water absorption rate is only 1/3 of that of standard plasterboards. This means that Tiger Super Hard has the same level of water resistance as our sheathing plasterboards (water resistant type).

‹Strength Comparison : Tiger Super Hard, Tiger Board (Plasterboard)›
  Tiger Super Hard Tiger Board
Thickness (mm) 9.5 12.5 12.5
Density 1.2 1.2 0.67
Classification of Fire Resistant Materials Non
Bending Failure Load (N) 700 950 530
300 450 200
Young's Modulus(N/cm2) 5×109 5×109 2×109
Impact Damage Resistance Depth of Depressed Area (mm) 0.32 0.32 1.43
Dimension of Depressed Area(mm) 1.00 10.80 23.17
Cracks Non Non Non
Penetrations Non Non Non

Testing Methods
  • Bending Failure Load: It is based on JIS A 6901
    : Load is applied perpendicular to testing boards in a longitudinal direction.
    : Load is applied parallel to a testing board in a longitudinal direction.
  • Young's Modulus
    Young's modulus is calculated by deflection when measuring bending failure load.
  • Impact Damage Resistance
    It is based on JIS A 1408 (Impact resistance testing method for building construction boards)
    (Note) Impact damage resistance is calculated under the following condition:
    Place a wall board onto sand, and then drop a spherical (weight: 500g) from 650 mm high onto the wall board.

  • Suitable for areas where require high strength, such as partition walls in hospital rooms or corridors, interior walls in classrooms or gymnasiums, or spandrel walls in stairs
  • Used for fire resistant walls, sound insulation walls (Partition Walls)
  • Used for floors in wooden houses

Fire Resistance Performance Thickness
Noncombustible 9.5mm, 12.5mm, 15mm

[Model Product Names of Fire-Resistant Partition Walls / Sound Insulation Walls using Tiger Super Hard]

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