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Paperless High Strength Board

Paperless high strength board consists of glass fibre in the core and "Glass Mat" embedded beneath both the face and back side of board.

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Tiger Glass Rock

Tiger Glass Rock consists of gypsum core incorporating glass fibre, and further glass mat embedded in both the face and back of board. This innovative glass fibre rein-forced plasterboard provides enhanced “pliability” and “ductility” compared to standard board products.

12.5mm Tiger Glass Rock: Suitable for use in shear walls, quasi-fire resistant partition walls (60 mins rating)

  Tiger Glass Rock
Thickness (mm) 12.5
Density 1.0
Bending Failure Load(N) 650
Impact Damage Resistance Diameter of Depressed Area (mm) 18 or less
Cracks None
Penetration None

Testing Methods
  • Bending Failure Load: It is based on JIS A 6901
    : Load is applied perpendicular to testing boards in a longitudinal direction.
  • Impact Damage Resistance:
    It is based on JIS A 1408 (Impact resistance testing method for building construction boards)
    (Note:) Impact damage resistance shall be calculated under the following condition:
    A sheet of wall board shall be placed directly onto sand, and then a spherical (Weight: 500g) shall be dropped from 650 mm high to the wall board.

Fire Resistance Performance Thickness Size
Noncombustible 12.5mm 910×1,820

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