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Finishing materials (1~2mm thin coating type)

Thin coating material best suited for renovations

Packaging: 8kg kraft paper bag
Tiger Kencoat Fabric


By combining this product with unevenness adjustment material gTiger Base Toph, it can be applied to base materials made from cloth and concrete, etc. It can also be used for interior finishing of shops and houses including renovations.


E Can be used for thin coating of 1~2mm.
E Because it is a dry curing type, it can take a long working time.
E As it uses finely textured lightweight aggregate, it will be smooth and soft finish.
E It has moisture control ability to adjust humidity, and it also has the effect of preventing condensation
E It has the ability to absorb, decompose and reduce formaldehyde, which is the cause of gSick Building Syndromeh.

Premixed type Basic color

Basic color only comes in white. You can choose 26 kinds of colors by mixing it with pigments specifically made for Kencoat on site.


Left: Case (4 bags inside)
Right: Bag (150g pack inside)

On-site mixing Kencoat Pigment

About pigments specifically made for Kencoat
  • In consideration of the ecology, Kencoat Pigments comes in 150g gbagsh.
  • There are 6 colors of pigment: light pastel cream, brown, green, pink, blue and gray. By combining two kinds of these pigments, you can choose all 26 color variations.
  • It does not contain hazardous substances that can cause "Sick Building Syndrome".

Pattern sample

Smooth finish
Tools: stainless steel or plastic trowel
Trowel coat-and-release
Tools: stainless steel or plastic trowel

Example of construction at renovation

*Limited to those with good adhesion between vinyl cloth and the base material.

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