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About "gypsum"


Use limited resources effectively!
Tiger Board is excellent for recycling.
Tiger Board is predominately comprised of gypsum and paper. Gypsum can be classified into three categories according to the process of production.
  • Raw Gypsum which is taken from natural mines
  • Byproduct Gypsum which is chemically produced from generating power plants, etc. Sulfur dioxide from exhaust of generating power plants can be removed by the process of changing sulfur dioxide into calcium sulfate (Byproduct gypsum). Yoshino has established the know-how to use the resulting byproduct gypsum as a raw material in the gypsum production first in the world.
  • Waste Plasterboard which is collected from new construction sites or demolition work sites. We have established the recycling system which is capable of reusing the waste plasterboards for the plasterboard manufacturing process.

Active use of "Waste Paper"
Plasterboard liner is made almost 100 % from recycled paper such as waste newspaper and cardboard. We aim to contribute to the protection of forest resources.

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