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Basic knowledge on “gypsum”

What is “gypsum”?
Why it will not burn? “Fire resistance”
Why block sound? “Sound insulation”
Why sound should be absorbed? “Sound absorption”
Why our products are strong and durable? “Strength”


Wall materials (boards for interior wall)
Wall materials (plasters)
Ceiling materials (plasterboards for interior ceiling)
Floor materials (gypsum boards for interior flooring)
Solutions for Sick Building Syndrome
Joint compound for gypsum boards
Other materials
“SOLATON” brand rock wool decorated sound absorbing boards
Self-leveling subfloor materials (SL Plasters)
“Duracrete” brand cement boards
“Asnon” brand slag gypsum boards
Fertilizer (soil improvement additives)
Neutral soil improvement materials
Dentistry, medical, ceramic mold and metal casting products
Tiger EX Board 9.5mm

Construction Methods

Common wall and ceiling systems
Fire resistant system
Fire resistant and sound insulation system
Floor system
power-resistant wall
GL system
Renovation system
Joint treatment system (drywall system)
Junction gap treatment methods (perimeter treatment methods)
Fire resistant wall system for wooden structures

Environmental Policy

Harmony with Global Environment
Recycling System
Measures against Sick Building Syndrome

Recruitment Information

Recruitment Information

Cultural and Environmental CSR

Cultural and Environmental CSR

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Reqest for catalogue

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Product Catalogue
Product Catalogue
Product Catalogue (Materials for Wall, Floor, Joint and others)
Method Catalogue

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