Interior covering material that brings you healthy and comfortable environment
Tiger Hi-Clean Board

Patented [Patent No. 4213365]

Tiger Hi-Clean Board is a health-oriented interior covering material that absorbs and decomposes formaldehyde, a substance that is the primary cause of Sick Building Syndrome.

In addition, excellent performances [fire resistance, sound insulation, proof strength] that can be found in Tiger Board (regular gypsum board) are retained.

Certified under the Construction Technology Examination and Certification Program

Tiger Hi-Clean Board was examined by the Building Center of Japan (BCJ) construction technology examination and certification committee, and was recognized as having the performance to significantly reduce formaldehyde compared to commonly used gypsum boards and thus recognized as a new technology that can reduce environmental burden.

  • Our technology for reducing volatile organic compounds in indoor air using our “Tiger Hi-Clean Board”, technology (building material)
  • Examination certificate no.: BCJ-審査証明-213