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Enhanced Hi-Clean Performance Type

Tiger Hi-Clean Board Ace
made-to-order only
Tiger Hi-Clean Board Ace

Tiger Hi-Clean Board Ace

Acetaldehyde absorption and decomposition illustration


  • ・Product type with enhanced performance compared to the Regular Type Hi-Clean Board.
  • ・By enhancing Hi-Clean performance, it has excellent absorption and decomposition performance against acetaldehyde.

Acetaldehyde absorption and decomposition illustration
By significantly improving the Hi-Clean performance, it is possible to absorb and decompose high concentrations of acetaldehyde, which was difficult with the Regular Type. (Formaldehyde absorption and decomposition performance is also significantly improved as well)



Type Fire protection material certification number Physical properties Thickness Size
Regular Noncombustible:NM-8619 JIS A 6901
12.5 mm 910×1,820 mm
910×2,420 mm
Quasi noncombustible:QM-9828 9.5 mm
(Paulownia wood, cloth-like, cool breeze and wormseed)
Noncombustible:NM-0128 JIS A 6901
12.5 mm
Quasi noncombustible:QM-9824 9.5 mm


Acetaldehyde reduction performance
Generating Acetaldehyde by compulsion in the laboratory and setting the initial density at 5ppm.
The density of Acetaldehyde in the laboratory is continuously measured by gas analyzer.


※The density of Acetaldehyde (5ppm) could not be high like this in the regular living environment.

It emanates from wooden building materials and affects the human body just like formaldehyde. It is colorless and has a strong irritating odor, and it exists in gas form at room temperature. When there is a source, it is difficult to reduce its concentration, hence the need for countermeasures.
The guideline value for its indoor concentration as regulated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare is 0.03ppm (48μg/m3) or less.