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Regular Type

Patented [Patent No. 4213365]

Tiger Hi-Clean Board

installed board (before applying finishing install)

Tiger Board product with Hi-Clean performance (formaldehyde absorption and decomposition performance) commonly used as base material for interior in buildings, including houses.

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Adopted as a standard in more than 550 house makers / builders (as of 2016), and has earned high praise.


  • ・Absorbs and decomposes hazardous formaldehyde in a short time and does not release it again.
  • ・Unlike air conditioners and air purifiers, running costs are not required, keeping the air environment of the room clean.
  • ・Like the Tiger Board (ordinary gypsum board), it has excellent performance such as noncombustibility and workability.


Fire protection material certification number Physical properties Thickness Size
Noncombustible:NM-8619 JIS A 6901(GB-R) 12.5 mm 910×1,820 mm
910×2,420 mm
Quasi noncombustible:QM-9828 9.5 mm


Tiger Hi-Clean Board suppresses the emission of formaldehyde even if the temperature rises

In a two-scenario experiment with and without Tiger Hi-Clean Board, the flooring, which is the source of formaldehyde emission, was placed in a container and the concentration of formaldehyde was measured. If the flooring has Tiger Hi-Clean Board, emission rate can be suppressed to the level of F☆☆☆☆ grade construction material, even if the temperature rises to 35 °C.