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Highly preferred exterior wall

gTiger Board Type Z-WRh is a type of fire resistant gypsum board that is strong against water.

More and more exterior walls on fire-resistant wooden buildings are using WR board as the outside fireproof cladding material thanks to the variety of finishes and ease of installation.
yPlentiful product lineupz
Exterior wall Exterior cover material
  • Ceramics siding
  • Lightweight foam concrete panel
  • Metal plate
  • Plaster
  • Mortar
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  • ^
* In order to make the building into a fire-resistant wooden building, please be aware that it is necessary for its major structures other than the exterior wall to be fire-resistant structures as well.

Advantage① High-level of waterproof performance that is also strong against rain

gTiger Board Type Z-WRh is strong against water, so there is no need to worry if it rained before attaching the moisture permeable waterproof sheet.

* Please attach the moisture permeable waterproof sheet within 2 weeks after the start of Tiger Board Type Z-WR installation.
  Tiger Board Type Z-WR Tiger Waterproof Board
Water absorption ratio Below 5% Below 10%
* The performance above is the measured value as tested using the method described in JIS A 6901.

Test for confirming waterproof performance

Test duration
Left: Type Z,
Right: Type Z-WR

[Test Procedure]

Two specimens of Tiger Board Type Z-WR and Tiger Board Type Z (regular fire resistant gypsum board) were allowed to be permeated by ink water at 1 cm of their lowermost edge for an hour to check the waterproof performance of each specimen.
After testing

[Test results]

It was observed that the Tiger Board Type Z-WR mostly did not suck up the ink water, therefore confirming that it has a high level of waterproof performance.

Advantage② Highly durable exterior wall that protects your residence

The ventilation construction method improves the durability of the building.

By using antimildew agent in addition to the high-level of waterproof performance, Tiger Board Type Z-WR also has resistance against mold.
(However, it does not guarantee that mold does not occur at all.)

Verification of durability

Verification resultycondition of WR boardsz
Physical characteristics and properties Compliant to JIS standard
Mold growth None
* Although discoloration was observed on the paper liner, it has no effect on the performance.
The discoloration was due to the 1-month outdoor exposure test conducted after the installation of the top layer of WR board.
By using the ventilation construction method, the Tiger Board Type Z-WR, which is treated with waterproofing and mildewproofing, has high durability.

Advantage③ Achieving simple installation

Since gTiger Board Type Z-WRh is a gypsum board, it is easy to modify. With simple installation, it will be a quick finish .

For exterior wall framing of fire-resistant wooden structure, use Tiger Board Type Z-WR
Fireproof cladding material
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