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Fire resistant structure (S Wall WR)

S Wall WR
Revolutionary gYoshino Fire Resistant S Wallh that can be installed from one side, with additional performance that makes it resistant to water during construction work, thus making it more convenient.
[Recommended use location]
  • As fire resistant wall in places like elevator shafts or staircase halls that may get wet if it rains during construction.

  • It uses gTiger Board Type Z-WRh that is resistant to water as its surface material, making it possible to be installed to partition walls in each floor to prevent it from getting wet due to rain. > Tiger Board Type Z-WR
  • The feature of gTiger Board Type Z-WRh is that even if it gets wet with water, paint or cloth finishing is possible after just letting it dry.
  • It has the convenience of can be installed from one side, which is the feature of Yoshino Fire Resistant S Wall, and also retains the versatility that it can be installed to various wall heights.

S Wall - WR

60 mins fire resistance certification no. FP060NP-0075

What is gTiger Board Type Z-WRh?

gTiger Board Type Z-WR comes with added waterproof and anti mildew features while still keeping the excellent fire resistant performance of reinforced gypsum board gTiger Board Type Zh.

Specification and shape
E Noncombustible NM-1498, JIS A 6901 fire resistant gypsum board [GB-F]
E Dimension: Thickness: 21mm x Width: 606mm x Length: 1,820mm
Water resistance
gTiger Board Type Z-WRh is very water resistant.
Comparison of total water absorption ratio between gTiger Board Type Z-WRh and gTiger Waterproof Boardh
  Tiger Board Type Z-WR Tiger Waterproof Board
Water absorption ratio Below 5% Below 10%

* The performance above is the measured value as tested using the method described in JISA 6901.

Resistance against mold
By using the antifungal agent in addition to the high waterproofing performance as mentioned above, it also has resistance to mold.
(However, it does not completely guarantee that mold does not occur.)
Mold Resistance Test Result (After 2 Months) Mold Resistance Test Result (After 2 Months)

Type Z-WR

EMold Resistance Test
The bottom 10 mm of the board of gTiger Board Type Z-WRh was immersed in red colored water, and the growth condition of the mold occurred was observed with the naked eye for 2 months.
ETest Result (After 2 Months)
  Occurrence of mold
Tiger Board Type Z-WR Mold did not grow

*Mold did grow when Tiger Board Type Z (normal spec) was used.

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