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Fire resistant structure (Gapped system)


When buildings are deformed due to strong winds, earthquakes, etc., it may cause cloth or paint finishing of the fire resistant wall inside to crack at the seams of gypsum board. By making the top layer board to be gapped, it will reduce the occurrence of this kind of cracks, and also reduce after-maintenance.

Parts of building that easily dislocated such as “staircase hall”, “upper parts of doors”, “T-shaped intersecting parts” etc.
S12 - Gapped spec
Fire resistance certification number FP060NP-0289
Horizontal sectional view
Front view
  • 壁の高さや長さがある場合の例
【Fitting example (Wall system example: S12 - Gapped spec)】
■Example for installation in staircase hall
Vertical cross-sectional view
Example for installation in staircase hall
■T shaped intersection
Horizontal sectional view
T shaped intersection
■Example for installation above a door
Front view
Example for installation above a door
Hyper Wall Z - Gapped spec
Fire resistance certification number FP060NP-0389(1) [butt joint part]
FP060NP-0390(1) [gapped part]
Horizontal sectional view
  • 水平断面図
* In case the gap width is 10mm (at least 0.12g per 1mm of gap width)
Front view
  • 壁の高さや長さがある場合の例
Compatible PVC hat-shaped joiner
Hat dimension Manufacturer (shortened name)
Inner width Outer width Shinwa Sato-Kozai Soken
2mm 4mm - HZ-2 Hatto-Meji-2×5
3mm 6mm - - Hatto-Meji-3×5
3mm 6.5mm - HM-3 -
6mm 8mm Jizai-Meji-Hatto-6* HZ-6 Hatto-Meji-6×5
8mm 10mm - HZ-8 -
  Internal corners, panel joints Panel joints Panel joints
* When creating a gap at internal corners, be sure to use “Jizai-Meji-Hatto-6” for the gap between top layer boards. In addition, since the angle of flanges on "Jizai-Meji-Hatto-6" is changeable, it can be used as a panel joiner for the gap between top layer boards.
PVC plastic
Outer width: 10(±1.0)mm or less
Flange: 21(±2.1)mm
Height: 5(±0.5)mm
Thickness: 0.5(±0.1) to 1.0(±0.1)mm
Super Wall A - Gapped spec
When wall strength and surface hardness are required, we recommend "Super Wall A - Gapped Spec” that is excellent in robustness.
  • ○Gaps should be treated by “coat with Tiger U Tight* + insert Tiger Joint Felt”
    * Coat the intersected part between the gap and the joint of the base layer board
  • * The gap after treatment should be approximately approximately 5.5mm deep. If you decide to apply fitting together with Joiner, please use Joiners corresponding to the depth of gaps.
  • ○“Super Wall A” has different runner and stud size range. Be careful.
  • ○For more details regarding specification and installation methods, please refer to the Standard Instruction Manuals for Construction Works.
Fire resistance certification number FP060NP-0383(1)
Horizontal sectional view
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