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Non-studs wall panel with sound insulation performance of up to TLD-52
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Hard type gypsum board gTiger Super Hardh is applied to gypsum board attached with reinforcing ribs to produce a low cost wall system that provides sound insulation.

[Recommended use location]

  • Suitable for use in separation walls between guestrooms in hotels that have low walls.

(1) Labor saving : Installation of steel framings is not required due to pre-installed framing components.
(2) Low cost : Easily installed in the same manner as panel applications. Also, variety types of ribs can be selected.

  • Sound insulation performance:TLD-52
  • Sound insulation structure certification no. SOI-0117
  • * Fire resistance (Non-loadbearing) : 1 hour. Fire resistance structure certification no. FP060NP-0216 (Non-loadbearing : Wall systems which do not bear loads from buildings)

[Construction details]
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