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“Asnon” brand slag gypsum boards

Asnon is recycled product mainly made from “blast furnace granulated slag byproduct" and "recovered gypsum byproducts". It has acquired noncombustibility certification, JIS, Eco Mark, and is a health-conscious product that surely doesn't contain asbestos.
Main products

Asnon (interior, eave materials)
It is used as interior decoration of common houses, especially as material for eaves. Various specifications of perforated items are also available for ventilation behind eaves.
Asnon Emboss Color (interior, eave materials)
This is a type of product made by embossing acrylonitrile onto the surface of the base material of Asnon, eliminating the need for on-site painting process and shortening the construction period.

Asnon Coat (decorated board)
This is a type of product made by painting high-quality urethane paint onto the surface of the base material of Asnon. Provides excellent surface hardness, water resistance, chemical resistance, and is ideal for clean rooms such as hospitals and food factories.
Ecomall (exterior trim)
Cement-based exterior material for gable wall, fascia board or modesty panel on the exterior of a house. It has high surface precision, excellent water resistance and weather resistance. We can also provide Eco Mall Color, which is the decorated version.
“Asnon”-brand slag gypsum boards and their related products are manufactured and sold by NBL Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yoshino Gypsum Group.
For details of these products, please have a look at NBL’s website.
   NBL Co., Ltd.
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