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Six advantages of a wall that protects lives and properties

Does your exterior wall have adequate fire protection measures?

  • I want to make a wall that's strong against fire
  • I want to avoid fire hazard from the neighbors
  • I want to secure more time to evacuate safely in case of fire

Tiger EX Board is strong against fire because it is a certified noncombustible construction material (Noncombustible: NM-4127)

Compared to wood-based shear wall face material, Tiger EX Board is a non combustible construction material that is strong against fire.
In the event of a fire in a neighboring building, it protects the inner pillar and beam from the flame, so it prevents the fire from spreading.
This makes it possible to secure more time to evacuate safely.
Even if it does catch fire from the neighboring building, it will reduce the possibility for the fire to spread further.
Let's take measures against fire by using the Tiger EX Board for our walls that will protect our lives and properties in case of fire.
Condensation that occurs inside the wall can cause the foundation, pillars, walls and other parts of the building to corrode.
Moisture permeability of the shear wall face material is an important point to keep the building durable.

Releases moisture and suppress the formation of condensation!

You can customize the indoor face material as you like
  • Tiger EX Board is a shear wall face material that can form a part of a fire protection structure without the need to line it with any interior covering material.
  • You can customize it to your liking such as making opening or niches inside the room.
  • No need to go through the hassle of applying interior covering materials for places such as attics.
  • * Fire protection structures which “indoor face materials are freely customizable” or “do not need to apply any interior covering material” are these four structures:
  • ○EX-D: specified for Duracrete
  • ○EX-Y15: specified for ceramics-based sidings
  • ○EX-Y14: specified for Nichiha ceramics-based sidings
  • ○EX-Y14: specified for KMEW ceramics-based sidings
It is strong against earthquakes and typhoons because the entire wall will bear the brunt of the force
  • Diagonal braces only secure the edges of the wall, while Tiger EX Boards secure the entire surface and reduce the burden on the edges.
  • You only need nails to attach the board. Unlike diagonal braces, it does not use joining metals which are liable to interfere with the metals on pillars/beams.
  • No need to go through the hassle of applying interior covering materials for places such as attics.
wWhich makes it easier to exhibit a solid insulation performance
  • As it is also possible not to use diagonal braces it can be facilitated by inserting insulation materials such as glass wool.
  • Since this product makes it easier to fill the wall with insulation material, it becomes easier to ensure solid insulation performance.
  • With other shear wall face materials, you need a buzz saw to cut them. However, you can cut Tiger EX Boards not only with a buzz saw but with a cutter too.
Since dimensional changes such as expansion/contraction is small, defects are less likely to occur after construction.
  • Since dimensional change due to water absorption is small, bending is unlikely to occur, and it can be constructed in a state where the panels are lined up with each other perfectly.
  • Since it can insulate air between the indoor and the outdoor, it is excellent in airtightness and soundproofing.
  • No fire can pass through the seam between the panels.
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