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Specifications and Physical Characteristics

  • Material name: Double-sided paper liner material for boards / gypsum board
  • Noncombustible material certification: NM-4127
  • Thickness: 9.5mm
  • Dimension and weight: W910mm×3030mm (standard product)* / 26.2kg

*For other sizes, please contact us.

Section Unit Value
Moisture permeability ng/(m・s・Pa) 14.6
Moisture permeation resistance (u・s・Pa)/ng
Thermal conductivity W/(m・K) 0.26
Thermal resistance u・K/W 0.037
*Values stated above are measured value and should not be taken as guaranteed value.

Nail for Tiger EX Board shear wall “NZ50” (Electro-galvanized N nails)

We also sell NZ50 nails. Please contact us.

  • Qty: 2500 pcs./box
  • Spec: 250 wire-connected nails × 10 rolls
  • Consumption rate: Each 1 box contains nails for up to 20 boards
くぎ NZ50
High-level of waterproof and mildewproof performance
By adding high waterproof and mildewproof performance to the hard-type gypsum board, we have made it possible for you to use this product as shear wall face material for exterior wall framing.
■Water absorption ratio is below 5%
  Tiger EX Board 9.5mm Tiger Waterproof Board
Water absorption ratio Below 5% Below 10%
※The performance above is the measured value as tested using the method described in JIS A 6901.
■By using antimildew agent, it also has resistance to mold.
(However, it does not guarantee that mold will not occur at all.)
【Test Procedure】
Two boards were allowed to be permeated by ink water at 1 cm of their lowermost edge for an hour to check their waterproof performance.
【Test Result】
It was observed that the Tiger EX Board mostly did not suck up the ink water.
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