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gGyphardh brand neutral soil improvement materials

Tiger Gyphard   (Patent pending)
This product will reform the quality of soil, sludge and mud with high water content ratio affected by construction work.


  • It has environmentally friendly neutral calcined gypsum as its main material, so soil quality can be reformed in the neutral range suitable for vegetation without raising pH unlike cement or lime based modifier.
  • You can choose the delivery form according to the construction condition of the construction site and the condition of the soil reforming equipment.
    (Flexible packs, paper bags, storage in local silos by jet pack vehicles, etc.)
  • Performance can be customized according to the condition of the treated soil. (Soil reforming time, pH etc.)


  • Mud reforming of excavation work
  • Purification of contaminated soil
  • Saves labor when transporting mud
  • Recycling through soil improvement
  • Strengthening soft subsoil


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