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Effects of fertilizer with gypsum as its main raw material

Three major elements of fertilizer and trace elements


Grass pasture

Fertilizer is essential for growing crops!
If the necessary nutrients are insufficient in the crops, growth will be bad or failure will occur. Among various nutrients, nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potassium are particularly important and are said to be the three major elements.
In addition, nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and iron are necessary, but as they only have small amounts, they are said to be trace elements. However, if one of these elements is insufficient, even if there are enough other elements, it will affect crop growth and in some cases will cause yield deficiency.
Function of calcium
Calcium is important as a component that makes human bones and teeth strong, and at the same time it has a function to firmly fix cells and cells for crops, and a component essential for nurturing crop growth

Function of sulfur
Components indispensable for traits such as proteins, amino acids, vitamins

The effect of "Darwin" fertilizer
"Darwin", which has calcium sulfate (gypsum: CaSO4) as its main ingredient, is an effective fertilizer, calcium fertilizer containing calcium (Ca) and sulfur (S). There are types that are used by spreading it on the soil and types that are sprayed on the foliage and fruit surface. You can expect further growth of crops by combining them. Moreover, we can expect not only fertilizer effect, but also effect to make rich soil by modifying the land where crops are difficult to grow due to salt damage. (Soil improvement: agglomeration and desodification)

Although the calcium content is adequately contained in the soil examination, crops tend to be deficient in calcium, the soil becomes alkaline, and the growth of the crop becomes worse.

Calcium-deficient tomato

Darwin fertilized tomatoes

  • Calcium is not effective

    Caused by water-soluble calcium deficiency
  • Becomes alkaline

    Caused by excessive use of quicklime, slaked lime, charcoal, shellfish
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