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calcium supplement for many kinds of crops Darwin 1000
  • Special fertilizer (gypsum)

Shape: Particle with particle size of 5 mm or less
Packaging: Plastic bag 20 kg / bag or flexible container 500 kg / container


  • E This product will affect the ph of the soil.
  • E Calcium sulfate, the main ingredient, dissolves well in water and is efficiently absorbed by crops.
  • E Through the synergistic effect of calcium and sulfur, soil quality will be recovered, the crop will grow healthily, and it will be effective in improving quality and yield.


  • E Helping root growth
  • E Healthy growth with cellular strengthening of crop plants Yield increase
  • E Improved freshness and storability

Especially recommended crops

Reducing symptoms caused by calcium deficiency
  • E Tomatoes and green peppers (reducing bell rot)
  • E Cabbage and lettuce (reducing core rot, peripheral rot)
  • E Radishes, turnip (reducing red core symptom)
  • E Cucumber (reducing brown core rot)
  • E Potato (reducing brown core rot, producing smooth surface)
  • E Broccoli (reducing flower bud rot)
Freshness preservation with mineral supplement
  • E Edamame (green soybeans), white onion
Reducing collapse
  • ESweet corn
yFruit treesz
  • E Nurturing of coloration in many kinds of fruit
  • E Grapes. Particularly large fruit (raising product quality by decreasing fallen fruit)
  • E Apple (raising product quality by protecting the surface)
  • E Pear (reducing fallen fruit and mitosis)
  • E Cherry (reducing light saltiness of the fruit)
  • E Chrysanthemum, lilies (preventing leaf frost)
yPaddy ricez
  • E Nurturing root growth and improving quality of crop (base fertilizer)
  • E Reducing collapse and improving ripening grade (fertilizer application in the middle of period)
  • }
    Edamame (green soybeans)
  • XC[gR[
    Sweet corn
Farmerfs voice
Shiono Shoten is managing the entire process from production to sales of gTengu Brand Edamameh cultivated and shipped by the Numata Tone Vegetable Marketing Cooperative (around 200 farmers).
"Our shop regularly conducts soil analysis for each field, and we are providing guidance for using Darwin fertilizer as a mineral supplement material. As part of our quality assurance, we confirm that it has positive effect on our freshness management. "
Konbe Farm (Mt. Iwakisan foothills, Hirosaki city, Aomori prefecture): Currently using this product for growing gDakekimih sweet corn
Konbe is one of the farmers raising gDakekimih sweet corn with integrated production, from cultivation to sales.
"In the foothills of Mt. Iwate in Aomori prefecture, spring comes late, and sowing begins in May. So, gDatekimih harvest season begins in mid August. We hope that Darwin is able to reduce crop collapse caused by the typhoon in the second half of the harvest season and maintain freshness, so we are using as the base fertilizer. "
Hosono Pear Farm (Tomisato city, Chiba prefecture): Currently using this product for growing pears.
Hosono is certified by the Chiba prefectural government as having gChiba Eco-agricultural Product Certificationh, and manages the combined farm of vegetables and fruit trees. Fruit tree sales are focused on direct sales.
"Reduction of fallen fruit trees during harvest time and mitigation effect of mitosis are linked to yield increase."

* Some farmers also use foliar spray agent (FC 100)

yDifference of harvested potatoesz
  • Comparison of harvest volumeComparison of harvest volumeLeft: Darwin Right: Traditional
  • Skin comparisonSkin comparisonLeft: Darwin Right: Traditional
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