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Calcium supplement for many kinds of crops Fine particle type Darwin 2000
  • Special fertilizer (gypsum)

Shape: Particle size 1-2 mm
Packaging: Plastic bag 20kg/bag


  • E This product will affect the ph of the soil.
  • E Calcium sulfate, the main ingredient, dissolves well in water and is efficiently absorbed by crops.
  • E Through the synergistic effect of calcium and sulfur, soil quality will be recovered, the crop will grow healthily, and it will be effective in improving quality and yield.


  • EHelping root growth
  • E Healthy growth with cellular strengthening of crop plants

Especially recommended crops

ySeed nurturez
  • E Helping root growth and reducing succulent growth in many kinds of crops
  • E Cabbage and lettuce (reducing core rot)
  • EHelping root growth
  • EReducing lawn stress during high temperature period
  • Lawn
  • Ear of rice
    Ear of rice
yCase study of raising rice seedlingsz

Comparison of rootsComparison of rootsTop: Darwin Below: Traditional

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