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Calcium supplement for many kinds of crops Recommended for alkaline soil Darwin 5000
  • Special fertilizer (gypsum)

Shape: Particle with particle size of 5 mm or less
Packaging: Plastic bag 20 kg / bag or flexible container 500 kg / container


  • E Weakly acidic calcium fertilizer with product ph of 4 to 5.
  • E Ideal for calcium supplementation in alkaline soil.
  • E Calcium sulfate, the main ingredient, dissolves well in water and is efficiently absorbed by crops.
  • E Through the synergistic effect of calcium and sulfur, soil quality will be recovered, the crop will grow healthily, and it will be effective in improving quality and yield.


  • E Helping root growth
  • E Healthy growth with cellular strengthening of crop plants Yield increase
  • E Improved freshness and storability

Especially recommended crops

Reducing symptoms caused by calcium deficiency
  • E Tomatoes and green peppers (reducing bell rot)
  • E Cabbage and lettuce (reducing core rot, peripheral rot)
  • E Radishes, turnip (reducing red core symptom)
  • E Cucumber (reducing brown core rot)
  • E Potato (reducing brown core rot, producing smooth surface)
  • E Broccoli (reducing flower bud rot)
Freshness preservation with mineral supplement
  • E Edamame (green soybeans), white onion
Reducing collapse
  • ESweet corn
yFruit treesz
  • E Nurturing of coloration in many kinds of fruit
  • E Grapes. Particularly large fruit (raising product quality by decreasing fallen fruit)
  • E Apple (raising product quality by protecting the surface)
  • E Pear (reducing fallen fruit and mitosis)
  • E Cherry (reducing light saltiness of the fruit)
  • E Chrysanthemum, lilies (preventing leaf frost)
yPaddy ricez
  • E Nurturing root growth and improving quality of crop (base fertilizer)
  • E Reducing collapse and improving ripening grade (fertilizer application in the middle of period)
  • Potato
  • Cherry
Darwin 5000 Applications
  • E Also used for potatoes in Ibaraki prefecture.
yDifference in yield of potatoesz

Difference in yield of potatoesLeft: Darwin Right: Traditional

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