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Calcium supplement for blueberries Ideal for maintenance of acidic soil Darwin 5050
  • (For blueberries)
  • Special fertilizer (gypsum)

Shape: Particle with particle size of 5 mm or less
Packaging: Plastic bag 20kg/bag


  • E Weakly acidic calcium fertilizer with product ph of 4 to 5.
  • E Ideal for farmers who are troubled with maintaining ph in alkaline soil.
  • E Calcium sulfate, the main ingredient, dissolves well in water and is efficiently absorbed by crops.
  • E Through the synergistic effect of calcium and sulfur, soil quality will be recovered, the crop will grow healthily, and it will be effective in improving quality and yield.

Effects on blueberries

  • EHelping root growth
  • E Healthy growth with cellular strengthening of crop plants
    Reduction of skin cracking and fallen fruit trees
    Enhancing hypertrophy and yield increase
  • E Improved freshness and storability
Farmerfs voice
Mt. Yatsugatake Southern Foothills Blueberry Farmer Cooperative (Nagasaka town, Hokuto city, Yamanashi prefecture): Currently using this product for growing blueberries
Mr. Oo, the leader of the cooperative, is one of the forerunners of cultivating blueberries, not only in Yamanashi prefecture but also in Japan. Currently, he is certified as "Blueberry grower" from the Japan Blueberry Association and is also devoted to providing cultivation guidance in other prefectures.
"Low pH (weakly acidic) gypsum material that we have never had before is able to be used as fertilizer without worrying about soil pH rise. As a result of using this fertilizer for several years, we have reduced cracking of skin and falling fruit problems during the harvesting period and resulted in an increase in yield. "
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