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“Darwin” brand fertilizer product lineup

Calcium supplement for many kinds of crops Darwin FC100
  • Special fertilizer (Calcium fertilizer)

Shape: Particle size of 30 μm or less
Packaging: 10 x 1kg aluminum pack / box


  • ・Calcium based foliar spray agent.
  • ・ Calcium sulfate, the main ingredient, dissolves well in water and is efficiently absorbed by crops.
  • ・ Through the synergistic effect of calcium and sulfur, soil quality will be recovered, the crop will grow healthily, and it will be effective in improving quality and yield.
  • ・ It is also possible to use with an irrigation tube.
  • ・ Except for some items, mixing with agricultural chemicals is also possible.
Usage notes
  • ・ Please strictly observe dilution ratio of 1:1000. If it is diluted below this value, it may cause white turbidity, dirt on the fruit surface etc, or clogging the irrigation tubing etc.
  • ・ There are some agricultural chemicals that can not be mixed, such as phosphate based and copper agent. Please contact the address below for details.
* Contact info
  • Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd. Ceramic Sales Division
  • TEL:03-3216-2670  FAX:03-3216-2677    E-mail:seramic@yoshino-gypsum.jp


  • ・Helping root growth
  • ・ Healthy growth with cellular strengthening of crop plants ⇒ Yield increase
  • ・ Improved freshness and storability

Especially recommended crops

Reducing symptoms caused by calcium deficiency
  • ・ Tomatoes and green peppers (reducing bell rot)
  • ・ Cabbage and lettuce (reducing core rot, peripheral rot)
  • ・ Radishes, turnip (reducing red core symptom)
  • ・ Cucumber, potatoes (reducing brown core rot)
  • ・ Broccoli (reducing flower bud rot)
【Fruit trees】
  • ・ Nurturing of coloration in many kinds of fruit
  • ・ Grapes. Particularly large fruit (raising product quality by decreasing fallen fruit)
  • ・ Apple (raising product quality by protecting the surface)
  • ・ Pear (reducing fallen fruit and mitosis)
  • ・ Cherry (reducing light saltiness of the fruit)
  • ・ Chrysanthemum, lilies (preventing leaf frost)
【Paddy rice】
  • ・ Nurturing root growth and improving quality of crop (base fertilizer)
  • ・ Reducing collapse and improving ripening grade (fertilizer application in the middle of period)
  • Cabbages
  • Grapes
■ Farmer’s voice ■
Mr. Ochiai (Murayama, Nagano city, Nagano prefecture): Currently using this product for growing apples and peaches
Mr. Ochiai has experience working as a director of the Nagano Prefecture Fruit Experiment Station, and is currently working by his on-the-field principles as a fruit grower.
"It’s been over 10 years since I began spraying leaves on peach trees with Darwin. It has been confirmed to help to nurture coloring and hypertrophy, improving sugar content and preventing of pulp softening. For apples, it is effective in reducing bitter pits and cork spots that are more likely to develop in some varieties, and improving storability. It is easy to use because there are no constraints for fertilizer registration for both spraying period and number of times. I don’t need to worry about dirt on the fruit skins for any of my produce."
Fujimaki Farm is a farm specializing in apples, widely known as the grower of “Aika no Kaori” apples (Seedling registration No. 9130, July 27th, 2001).
“It is effective in reducing bitter pits and cork spots that are likely to occur in apples, protecting the surface of the fruit, and improving storability. Among calcium based foliar spraying agents, Darwin is relatively easy to mix with pesticides, so it is easy to use at low cost. "
Mr. Suzuki (Hakushu town, Hokuto city, Yamanashi prefecture): Currently using this product for growing grapes (mainly seedless Kyoho & Pione)
Mr. Suzuki is a cultivator of fruit trees (grapes) and paddy rice, and is a veteran with grape cultivation history of more than 50 years.
"I feel that the vine is solid, the shedding is reduced, and there are improvements in reducing coloring defect due to high temperature and low rain. There is no worry about the influence on bloom."
* In Mr. Suzuki's field, he also use Darwin 1000 in the base fertilization period.
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