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Ultra Lightweight Gypsum Board

Surprising lightness surpassing the previous gypsum board, realizing 25% less weighticompared to our previous productj.
@: 9.5mm thickness: Quasi noncombustible
A: 9.5mm thickness: Noncombustible
B: 12.5mm thickness: Noncombustible
Tiger Ultra Lightweight Gypsum Board

More lightweight version of Tiger Board
Can be used with same construction method as before.

Fireproof material certification number

Fireproof performance Thickness Size
Quasi noncombustible: QM-0753
Noncombustible: NM-3704
9.5mm 910~1820mm
Noncombustible: NM-3690

For the delivery time of Ultra Lightweight Gypsum Board, please contact our nearest branch office in advance.
Because Ultra Lightweight Gypsum Board is different from conventional gypsum boards, it cannot be used as fire-resistant wall, sound insulation, government approved or certified shear wall, or government mandated fireproof construction. Also, please be aware that it can not be used in places where JIS standard is required.
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