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Fire-Resistant Gypsum Board - Structure Type

These products correspond to JIS A6901 [Fire-Resistant Gypsum Board - Structure Type (GB-St)] (Japanese lndustrial Standard). The following adhesives are available depending on the features.

Front: Type K-A
Back: Type K-B

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Product Specification and Dimension
Tiger Board Type K-A,Tiger Board Type K-B

Boards that further improved the earthquake-resistant performance while maintaining the fireproof performance of reinforced gypsum board.
There are two types of boards due to the difference in performance, type K-A has higher strength than type K-B.


Fire resistant wall face material for wooden house

Fireproof material certification number

Fireproof performance Thickness
Noncombustible: NM-8615 12.5mm
* Since it will be made to order, please consider that we need about 1 month to deliver the product.

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