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Abundant color variation
Gypsum based painted wall material that provides healthy and comfortable living space.

PTiger Kencoat
Patented (Patent no.4169675)
JIS A6904 Gypsum plaster Noncombustible: NM-2049


Interior finishing materials for all kinds of rooms in buildings such as common house and shops, regardless of western style or Japanese style.


E It has excellent moisture control ability that can adjust the humidity of the room, and it also has the effect of preventing condensation. Furthermore, it has the ability to absorb, decompose and reduce formaldehyde concentration, which is the cause of gSick Building Syndromeh.

Packaging: 10kg kraft paper bag

Premixed type Basic color

There are 5 types of premixed basic color for Kencoat, which will give a touch of elegant light coloring to your room.
Furthermore, you can choose 26 kinds of colors by mixing Y-100 (white) with pigments specifically made for Kencoat on site.

Light brown
Y-400 (made to order)
Light green
Y-500 (made to order)
Light pink

On-site mixing Kencoat Pigment

About pigments specifically made for Kencoat
  • In consideration of the ecology, Kencoat Pigments comes in 150g gbagsh.
  • There are 6 colors of pigment: light pastel cream, brown, green, pink, blue and gray. By combining two kinds of these pigments, you can choose all 26 color variations.
  • It does not contain hazardous substances that can cause "Sick Building Syndrome".
Left: Case (4 bags inside)
Right: Bag (150g pack inside)

Pattern example

Make it somewhat smooth. Press trowel vertically, then pull slightly ahead and make a wave. When the surface starts to close, press the wave head with the trowel or roller containing water to make a head cut finish.
After applying coating with 3~5mm thickness, erase the big trowel wave and make it smooth to some extent. While paying attention to the firmness, create a brushed pattern.
Trowel coat-and-release
Apply coating with 3~5 mm thickness, lightly smooth it, then immediately follow the waves, and keep the marks (waves) without erasing the pattern.
Trowel drag
After applying coating with 3~5mm thickness, make it smooth to some extent. Slightly lift the wide end of the trowel, and create the pattern by only using the sharp end.
Apply coating with 3~5mm thickness, and make it smooth to some extent. Drag the sharp end of the trowel immediately while pressing it vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

The contents of Kencoat was examined by the Building Center of Japan (BCJ) construction technology examination and certification committee, and was determined as a new technology.

Technology name:
Technology (building material) for reducing volatile organic compounds in indoor air
gTiger Kencoath

Examination certificate no.: BCJ- Certification -212

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