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Adhesive (Bond)

Select an appropriate adhesive according to construction method. The following adhesives are available depending on the terms of use.
Yoshino Sakubi Bond For wall, floor, ceiling board laminate (vinyl acetate system)
Tora Bond Adhesive for gluing two gypsum boards together (inorganic system)

Packaging: 20kg / box
(Contains 20kg plastic bag)

Packaging: 18kg / box
(Contains 6 pcs. of 3kg plastic container)

Packaging: 18kg / box
(Contains 6 pcs. of 3kg plastic bags)

Packaging: 18kg / box
(Contains 18 pcs. of 1kg plastic bags)
Yoshino Sakubi Bond
JIS A 5538 compliant vinyl acetate resin type emulsion adhesive


  • Used for bonding surface material to base material, for walls, floor and ceiling.
  • Excellent workability as it will spread nicely at the time of application.
  • Environmentally-friendly adhesive agent. (Has earnedJIS F qualification, and compliant with the JAIA 4VOCstandard)
    *JAIA: "VOC (volatile substance) voluntary control provisions for indoor air quality pollution control" established by the Japan Adhesive Industry Association
  • EThere are four types of packages that you can choose from according to use.

  • * Yoshino Sakubi Bond S Pack is equipped with convenient scale to shift quantity of application prescribed for each construction method.

6 kg plastic container type
Tora Bond


  • Suitable for gluing two gypsum boards together.
  • Water based noncombustible inorganic adhesives
  • Available in 6kg containers (Portable Type) and 20kg bags (Economy Type)
  • Can be kept open for a considerable amount of time after coating.
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