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“Solaton” brand rock wool based sound absorbing boards

We will introduce the features and properties of SOLATON that is widely adopted in ceilings of many office buildings, commercial facilities and apartment houses.

SOLATON product list

Standard rock wool ceiling board. Comes in commonly used Fissure pattern, Harutaka pattern, and many others.

Products specifically made for grid ceilings that drops a ceiling board into a grid-shaped foundation set.

Creates a ceiling with beautiful shadows due to its undulated surface of cross and stripes. Comes in 15mm and 12mm thick models.

SOLATON Cube with a simple pattern, suitable for houses.

Ceiling boards with noncombustible eaves that can be used in a wide range of applications, from places where moisture resistance is required such as near the entrance, porch, underground passage etc., to the ceiling of the station platform or evacuation staircase.

The type of SOLATON that can be directly laid to the base structure without needing any underlay.

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