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With stable quality and high reliability, Solaton utilizes its many functions and formative beauty, and it is widely used in many offices, commercial facilities, ceilings of multi-family residences.

Details for each product


Sound absorption

The rock wool material is an excellent sound absorbing material. Because Solaton is made from rock wool as its main material, it can absorb harsh reverberated sound and provides quiet indoor environment for everyone.


It is certified as noncombustible material in accordance with the regulations, so it still can be used even if there is interior restriction. (MLIT Noncombustibility Certification NM-8599)

Many pattern variations

Solaton comes in various patterns to match a variety of interior styles. You can choose from many patterns for large buildings, shops and houses.

Eco Mark certified

Solaton is an Eco Mark certified product, by which the Japan Environment Association acknowledges that "the burden on the environment is low and it is useful for environmental conservation".

JIS Certification

Solaton is compliant with JIS A 6301sound absorbing material standard.
(There is no JIS standard for cubes and noncombustible eaves)

Not subjected to formaldehyde regulation

Solaton does not contain formaldehyde as its material, thus not subject to regulations requiring notices in relation to Sick Building Syndrome.

Zero Asbestos Product

Solaton does not contain any asbestos.

Highly effective in heat resistance

Because its thermal resistance value, which is an indication of the adiabatic effect is high, it will keep the indoor temperature constant, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer, which will greatly contribute to protect the environment.

■About the main material: rock wool
Rock wool is an artificial mineral fiber made by melting slag at high temperature and makes it homogenous and thinly fibrous. Solaton is a product manufactured from rock wool as a main raw material in an integrated manufacturing facility. It has excellent characteristics of noncombustibility, adiabatic and sound absorbtion.

Main physical properties of Solaton (JIS product specification values, etc.)

Particulars Unit Performances Test methods
9×300×600o 12×300×600o 15o
(For grid ceilings)
Density g/㎠ 0.5 or less JIS A 6301
Moisture percentage 3.0 or less
Bending fracture load N 40 or higher 60 or higher 90 or higher
Thermal resistance ㎡・K/W 0.14 or higher 0.19 or higher 0.23 or higher JIS A 1420
Sound absorbency - 0.5M JIS A 6301
Incombustibility or
Grade classification 1st grade exothermicity
Hue of finish paint (Munsell sign) Pure white: 5.5 Y 9.6 / 0.2 -

Solaton manufacturing process

[Molding Process]

[Machining Process]

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