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Application Procedure (in case of concrete and ALC)

In this section we will introduce the application procedure for our self leveling materials (SL plaster) using tank vehicles.
* Please refer to construction specifications for details
1D Check the base
Check that the building is dry, and decide which base treatment method should be used.
2D Prepare the base
Smoothen the uneven parts of the base and seal the gaps. Then perform chalk lining and marking.
Cleaning the base Sealing gaps
3D Treat the base
In case the base is made of concrete or ALC plate, apply Super Takku A or Super Takku R that has been diluted the day before SL construction.
Super Takku A, Super Takku R
Super Takku R coating process
4D Mix and spread
Mix the solution with water, turning it into a slurry. Spray and carefully spread the slurry with a rake until it becomes smooth.
Spreading the slurry Smoothening the slurry by using a rake
5D Concrete curing and finishing the base coating
Cure the concrete and finish it.
As a guide, the floor finishing work can be done one week later with a thickness of 10mm, or ten days later with the thickness of 15mm. (Check whether the SL plaster has dried enough)
Base coating is finished.
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