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Performance requirements

Performance standard required for high performance wall system
Criteria Performance standard
Fire protection performance Satisfies the requirement for fire resistance up to 60 minutes
Sound insulation TLD or more
In-plane deformation test There should be no abnormality when the ratio of the displacement in the horizontal direction and the wall height is 1/200 in the in-plane deformation test.
Structural Performance (Flexural Rigidity) of Walls Under Out-Plane Force The amount of deflection should be less than 9 mm against horizontal load of 180kgf.
Shock resistance 1 The amount of deflection should be 8 mm or less against the impact load when 15 kg sand bag hung with a string is lifted so that the distance from the hanger source to the center of gravity is 1m until the angle of the string reaches 45 degrees and then naturally dropped.
Shock resistance 2 The amount of recession should be 1 mm or less against the impact load when 1 kg steel ball is naturally dropped from the height of 1 m.
Yield strength against screw pulling Yield strength against pulling at the specified place on the wall surface shall be 75kgf/screw or more.
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