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gGypsumh products in our daily life

Did you know? gGypsumh is not only used for construction materials.
Gypsum products are being used everywhere as a material supporting your daily life, as well as industry. Some of the examples are molding for various machinery, either large or small, molding for making chandelier, material for making mannequin dolls, as wastewater treatment agent, as well as foot mold for forensic investigation.

For medical and dentistry field
  • "Gips" used to prevent movement of the affected body part in case of a fracture or the like
  • "Denture forming material" used by dentist to make teeth mold

For making food
  • "Coagulant" for use in manufacturing tofu
  • "Water quality control agent" in making beer

For industrial and optical polishing
  • "Mold materials" for mold of machine parts such as automobiles and airplanes or industrial models
  • "Fixing material" for use during polishing process of optical products such as prisms and binoculars used in cameras

For ceramic ware, art and decoration
  • Various types of ceramics for tableware and decoration that will color your life
  • Various sculptural statues

For fertilizer (Soil conditioner)
  • "Special fertilizer soil conditioner" for soil activation that is indispensable for growing crops
  • It does not contain chemical fertilizers, contains nutrients necessary for vegetables and fruits, and provides safe and healthy crops to consumers.

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