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Environmentally friendly gGypsumh products

Effectively utilize resources!
Tiger Board is excellent for recycling.
Tiger Board is predominately comprised of gypsum and paper. Gypsum can be classified into three categories according to the production process.
  • gRaw Gypsumh which is taken from natural mines
  • gBy-product (Chemical) Gypsumh which is chemically produced from thermal power plants, etc.
  • gWaste Gypsum Boardh which is collected from new residential construction sites or demolition work sites.

Proactive use of "waste paper"
Our gBoard Linerh is made almost 100 % from recycled paper such as waste newspaper and cardboard.

Products that provide healthy and comfortable living space!
Tiger Board products do not emit harmful substances (especially from organic adhesives), they are totally harmless and clean, thus providing comfortable living space.

In addition, Yoshino Gypsum has released the "Tiger Hi-Clean Board" that takes into account the indoor environment of the living space and offers a more comfortable living space.

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