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Gypsum Board production flow

"Tiger Board" is produced in the factory automated production line. Let's see the manufacturing process.

1. Calcination process
"Gypsum" is baked in a furnace and made into "calcined plaster" which will solidify when it reacts with water.
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Chemical reaction of ggypsumh

2. Molding process
Calcined ggypsumh is mixed with water to make a slurry (muddy state). Then, the slurry is poured into a line (belt) where board liners are flowing down, thus sandwiched with board liners.

3. Drying process
Boards are sent to a drying machine (dryer) to remove excess water content.

4. Finishing process
Boards are cut into products with appropriate size.

5. Shipping and delivery
Products are loaded into trucks and delivered to various locations.
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