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Features of Gypsum Board

Gypsum boards are becoming common enough that they are often referred to as gTiger Boardh. However, are you familiar with their features?

Tiger Board has noncombustible performance that conforms with the Building Standards Law.
In other words, it does not generate smoke or toxic gas if heated.

Fire protection / Fire resistance
Unlike other fire protection building materials, walls using Tiger Boards gradually release chemically bonded crystallized water as steam when exposed to high temperatures such as fire. To put it simply, it is a wall that has fire resistance or fire protection ability due to it having an internal sprinkler.

Sound insulation
In situations where noise is considered as a kind of "pollution", Tiger Boards are widely used for walls of hotels, condominiums, hospitals, etc. as a material for sound insulation walls that demonstrate effective sound insulation performance and provides a comfortable living space.

Heat insulation
Because gypsum has relatively low thermal conductivity, it does not let indoor warmth escape to the outdoors in winter, and in the summer it prevents outside air from entering, thus enhances the efficiency of air conditioning and heating. The Tiger Board exceeds the heat insulation standard according to the Japanese Industrial Standard and is designated as "energy-saving friendly product".

Cutting with a cutter Easy to cut, nail, screw, fasten with clip and glue. Cutting can be easily done with a regular office-use cutter without requiring special tools. It can accommodate a wide range of finishing methods such as with paint, wallpaper or cloth.

Dimensional stability
Since there is almost no deformation due to the influence of temperature and humidity, it will not warp or create gaps in joints after construction. It has an excellent dimensional stability.
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