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Required wall strength

Performance required for dry-type separation wall
There are various test methods for checking the strength required for wall using a dry board like a gypsum board. As example of these tests (tests to verify official required performance), there are as follows:
  • Structural Performance (Flexural Rigidity) of Walls Under Out-Plane Force
    The ability to withstand deformation even if three adults (180 kg) apply force to the wall surface.

  • Structural Performance of Walls Under In-Plane Force
    There is no abnormality when the building shakes due to earthquake or wind

  • Shock resistance (Heavyweight impact)
    There is no abnormality even if an adult hits the surface of the wall

  • Shock resistance (Lightweight impact)
    There is no abnormality even if a hard object hits the surface of the wall

  • Yield strength against screw pulling
    Screws will stay safe and not be pulled out even if furniture is fixed in place with screws.

Wall system with enhanced rigidity gA-2000EWI Strongh
It is ideal for places where more strength than a normal wall is required. For example, hallway in schools or where there is a possibility that furniture may collide when moved.

Hard-type gypsum board gTiger Super Hardh, fire resistant gypsum board gTiger BoardEType Zh, and light gauge steel framings (studs) are combined to provide a wall system with enhanced rigidity, gA-2000EWI Strongh, thus making it capable of achieving higher levels of performance and strength.

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