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Sound insulation test

Verification of Sound Insulation Performance
Sound insulation measurement (JIS A 1416) is carried out in the acoustical laboratory consisting of a sound source room, a sound receiving room, and an opening area (the test specimen mounting frame) linking the sound source room and the sound receiving room. A layer of specimen wall is placed in the opening area, sound from the speaker (sound source) in the sound source room propagates through the wall, and attenuation level is measured when the sound reaches the microphone in the sound receiving room.

Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd. Total Quality Testing Center
Acoustical Laboratory
In Yoshino Gypsum, our acoustic laboratory consists of three structures, "the sound source room", "the sound receiving room", and "the test specimen mounting frame". To evaluate the sound insulation performance of stand-alone walls precisely, each structure should be completely isolated from the base and, in addition to this, we have made it possible that three structures are completely isolated from each other acoustically - the first in the world.

With this system, it is possible to completely prevent the structure-borne propagation (flanking propagation) of the low frequency vibration sound from the structure of the sound source chamber to the structure of the sound receiving chamber, making it possible to accurately measure the sound insulation performance of the test specimen itself up to the TLD 80 level.

Measurement imit: TLD-80
  • Shape: Rectangular parallelepiped RC construction (RC thickness 300mm)
  • Diffusion (Acryl) Plate: A sheet of diffusion plate is installed in both the sound source room and the sound receiving room.
  • Sound Source Room: Capacity: 286m3, Surface Area: 265m2
  • Sound Receiving Room: Capacity: 304m3, Surface Area: 276m2
Supervision of Design: Professor Hideki Tachibana at Institute of Industrial Science Department of Human and Society, the University of Tokyo
Main background: Chairman of the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering, Chairman of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering of Japan, Chairman of the Acoustical Society of Japan
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