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Yoshino Gypsum Sendai Training Center
In September 2012, we built and opened the gYoshino Gypsum Sendai Training Centerh for the purpose of providing an understanding of our product lineup, features and performance closer to our customers in the Tohoku region. This training center is a comprehensive facility that is equipped with training facilities, exhibition facilities and acoustic laboratory, and it functions as a base where information regarding our technologies is gathered in one place. Outside view of the building (three-story steel-framed building)
Outside view of the building (three-story steel-framed building)
Location 2-2-8, Oroshimachihigashi, Wakabayashi-ku Sendai-shi, Miyagi     
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Contact Info Yoshino Gypsum Sendai Sales Office. Phone: 022-262-4421

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Training facilities
[Large conference room, installation training room]

By providing construction training and lectures to interior construction companies, we are ensuring the construction quality of our fire resistant sound insulation walls.

1F Large conference room 1F Installation training room
1F Large conference room
1F Installation training room

Exhibition facilities
[Entrance, exhibition room, other interior decoration]

Here we introduce installation examples of our products and features of our gypsum products. Also, a large number of cross-sectional real-scale models of fire resistant sound insulation wall system are displayed here. The entire building also acts as an exhibition facility by actually installing our products on the walls and ceilings in most of the rooms in the training center.

1F Entrance hall 2F Exhibition room
1F Entrance hall
2F Exhibition room

Acoustic laboratory

This room simulates a condition where sound insulation walls are built in an actual building such as an apartment. Here you can experience how itfs like to hear the sound coming from the next room. We can experience the sound insulation performance of about 10 types of walls, ranging from our general sound insulation walls to ultra high performance sound insulation walls, so that designers and developers and others can select the suitable sound insulation walls.

2F Acoustic laboratory  
2F Acoustic laboratory
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