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“Pursuing to be the company that can contribute to society through continuous effort and passion”

President Director Eisaku Sudo

President Director Eisaku Sudo

Throughout our history since our founding in 1901 and our incorporation in 1937, we have engaged in <Creating a safe and comfortable living space> through our business, which is related to building materials, mainly focusing on "gypsum" and the development of construction methods using these materials.
Our core product, "Tiger Board", is the first gypsum board produced in Japan. Today, it is used as a noncombustible building material that can allow our users to build wooden houses into fire resistant constructs that are compliant with the ministerial regulation. In addition, we have developed products that cater not only to fire resistance, but also to earthquake-proofing, sound insulation, Sick Building Syndrome and so on. Recently, as our response to the enforcement of "law for promoting the use of wood in public buildings", as well as based on the merit of wooden buildings such as shortening of construction period, short depreciation period and CO2 reduction, we have succeeded in the development of "fire-resistant system for exterior walls" that can be applied for future constructions of fire resistant wooden buildings.
In other words, we do not merely manufacture and sell products and construction methods, but we believe that we protect your life and wealth from disasters and create a comfortable living space that is safe, secure and healthy. This is our joy and pride.

Furthermore, safe, secure and comfortable space created by our company can only be realized when people in various departments such as development, manufacturing, distribution and sales are doing their work properly and without making mistakes. Therefore, we are focusing on how to train good people as well as on how to make good products. Based on the recognition that each of our employees plays an important role, we are working together as one big family called Yoshino Gypsum, and we care for a warmhearted and passionate corporate culture.

In the future, we plan to take up the great challenge to expand overseas markets as we expand our domestic market share. In Japan's increasingly aging society, we will contribute to the construction of elderly nursing home care facilities and the construction of homes where elderly people can live with confidence. In addition, we will develop new markets overseas, centered on the ASEAN region.
This way, we will continue to take up on new challenges with constant effort and enthusiasm, and we will make every effort to contribute to society through our business.

Thank you for your attention. We look forward to your continued guidance and support in the future.