Measures against Global Warming

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Expanding use of renewable energy

Since 2012, Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd. has been installing solar panels on the roofs of its plants, distribution centers, company housing, and other facilities, as well as on the premises of plants. By using the renewable energy generated by these solar panels, we are working to combat climate change by supplying green energy equivalent to the annual consumption of about 4,000 ordinary households and reducing CO2 emissions by about 9,350 tons.

Solar Park power plant at the Yoshino Chiba No.3 plants Solar Park power plant at the Yoshino Chiba No.3 plants
Solar Park power plant at Yoshino Soma Solar Park power plant at Yoshino Soma

Initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emission

We are working to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and thus help prevent global warning. Increasing the ratio of renewable energy sources used is a necessary initiative for sustainable development that balances environmental and economic imperatives. We take advantage of a "carbon neutral" approach in which using woody biomass boilers does not lead to a real increase in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere because the CO2 emitted during the process is removed from the atmosphere in the process of tree growth.
We have installed woody biomass boilers at four of our plants which produce steam and electricity used in our manufacturing process in order to reduce CO2 emissions and combat climate change with green energy.
Furthermore, we also use RPF, tire chips, etc. as part of our fuel to promote the shift away from fossil fuels, which are a cause of global warming.

Mikawa Plant Mikawa Plant
Takasago Seishi Co., Ltd. Takasago Seishi Co., Ltd.
Wood chips (wood waste) Wood chips (wood waste)
Tire chips Tire chips