Art collection exhibition schedule

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The schedule for art collection exhibitions of Yoshino Gypsum and Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation art collections.

Fiscal Year 2020

Exhibition Name Venue Exhibition Period
The Soul of the Brush -the Line’s Pull, the Color’s Spell From Matabei to Hokusai and Kuniyoshi ※1 Sumida Hokusai Museum 2021.02.09~2021.04.04
Rimpa and Impressionism: Arts Produced by Urban Cultures, East and West ※1 Artizon Museum(Tokyo) 2020.11.14~2021.01.24
Our Finest New Acquisitions: A Select 50, Chosen by Our Curators ※1 Sumida Hokusai Museum 2020.09.15~2020.11.08
Monet and Matisse: Visions of the Ideal ※1 Pola Museum 2020.06.01~2020.11.03

※1.It is an exhibition that exhibited 'Yoshino Collection'