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Nurturing a prosperous future

In addition to contributing to society through our core business, Yoshino Gypsum is engaged in a variety of social contribution activities in order to achieve sustainability, with a focus on environmental measures and the promotion of culture and the arts.

At Yoshino Gypsum, we are working to achieve the goals of the SDGs and realize a sustainable society through the activities of our entire corporate group.
Environmental measures
Yoshino Gypsum is the first company in the world to establish techniques for reusing "by-product gypsum" as a raw material for making gypsum building materials. As a pioneer of cyclical recycling, we are working to transmit our techniques widely, not only within Japan but also to other countries as a means of contributing to "pollution control" and "recycling". With the global environment and recycling now positioned as priorities for industries the world over, "Tiger board" has come to be recognized as an environmentally friendly industrial material.
Culture and art promotion
Culture and art are social assets that are simultaneously indispensable for people to lead fulfilling lives, serve as the foundation for sustainable economic development, and facilitate international cooperation. Yoshino Gypsum started collecting modern Japanese paintings in the 1970s and French modern paintings in the latter half of the 1980s, and now possesses one of the largest collections in Japan in terms of volume of pieces. In 2008, the Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation was established with the purpose of further contributing to art activities. We also focus on training young artists and supporting international exchange.