Research & Development Base

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Yoshino Gypsum continues to take on new challenges with its industry-leading technological development capabilities.

Technological research center

A technological research center at the core of the technology that supports Yoshino Gypsum, such as improving product quality, clarifying technical problems, developing new products that meet future market needs, and developing products related to industrial calcined gypsum.
In addition, a “Technology and Knowledge Gathering Center” that actively makes patent applications for research results and makes papers presentations at academic conferences.

Total Quality Testing Center

A comprehensive performance testing center that multilaterally verifies the advanced performance required for products in collaboration with research, development, and manufacturing. "Forefront of development" that enables large-scale refractory furnaces to perform sound insulation performance measurements in world-class acoustic test rooms and fire resistance tests under various conditions, and strength tests at full scale and durability tests in various environments.

detail of Total quality testing center

Engineering Department

The engineering department's principal activities are the Control of Plants, Design of the Plant Facility and Safety Control.Control of Plants includes providing guidance on plant design, plant system improvement and maintenance work for plants, and providing support for them. Design of Plant Facilities includes research, design, and evaluation for new plants or production facilities for new products. Safety Control includes drawing up criteria for company-wide safety standards and making manuals for them.