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Exhibition and training facilities

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Yoshino Gypsum Toranomon BuildingiMinato-ku, Tokyoj
Yoshino Gypsum Toranomon Building is a facility allowing us to create Technological Proposal for the Future in liaison with our customers, and is the Driving Force of Our Technological Advances. At the Toranomon Building, we gather all the latest technical information, including up-to-date technical data from our Research and Development Center, the latest data from the Total Quality Testing Center - all in conjunction with the production techniques we use at our plants.
Our products are actually used in the construction of the building itself, mainly in Exhibition Corner (1FE2F), Acoustic Laboratory (2F), Training Room & Conference Room (3F), and the Installation Training Room (BF).
  • Recycling system which contributes to environmental conservation
  • Environmentally friendly products with the ability to improve indoor air quality by reducing formaldehyde concentration.
  • New products offering various improved performance and improving efficiency of construction work
  • High performance drywall systems with fire resistance, sound insulation and so on
  • Model wooden house exhibit

This facility has the purpose of introducing the merit of our products and construction method, which is basically consisted of:
  • Presentation of palpable construction method and proposing a solution as a response to customer's request
  • Guiding the customer to the room where the proposed product is installed
  • Facilities where customers can experience the sound insulation performance of our wall and flooring products
We would appreciate your visit.
This is the space for our customers to understand our basic line more deeply. This floor exhibits our Corporate Philosophy, Corporate Profile, Products Samples, Basic Properties of Gypsum Boards, Recyclability, and Devices to demonstrate the performance of Hi-Clean Board.

1 Entrance hall
The ceilings and the walls of the colonnade of this entrance hall are constructed with sound absorbing gypsum board gSquare Toneh, which makes this the place where you can experience its excellent sound absorbing performance. In addition, we have set up meetings corners and sample racks for you to take a look at our products.

2 Introduction corner
Here we are exhibiting image panels expressing our corporate philosophy and introducing the concept of Toranomon Building "Technical proposal for the future".

3 Recycling & Manufacturing Process corner
This corner introduces the Tiger Board, which is friendly to the environment and is said to be very exemplary in recycling initiative, and also exhibits panels explaining the board manufacturing process and raw material samples.

4 Company overview corner
This corner introduces our various business development based on our corporate philosophy.

5 Gypsum Board basic performance corner
This corner introduces fire resistance performance, sound insulation performance and various "strength" of Tiger Board which realizes safe and comfortable living space.

6 Hi-Clean Board performance demonstration corner
This corner demonstrates the performance of "Tiger Hi-Clean Board", which absorbs and decomposes formaldehyde, which is the main cause of Sick Building Syndrome.

7 Presentation corner
This corner provides information on our products with large monitors and introduce features of Tiger Board, manufacturing process, and excellent recyclability that contribute to environmental conservation.

Here we can propose various wall systems to customers such as design offices, construction companies, developers, house makers and interior decorators, as well as inviting our customers to experience the actual performance of our products.

8 Tiger Drywall System exhibition
This exhibit explains about the joint treatment provided by the Tiger Drywall system, and also introduces joint shear strength data.

9 Hi-Clean Board Art Type exhibition
This exhibit shows our standard decorated panel product, Hi-Clean Board Art Type, in 4 patterns (cloth, paulownia wood, cool breeze and wormseed).

Tiger Drywall System
Hi-Clean Board Art Type

10 Sound insulated flooring booth
A place where you can experience how sound insulation and the feel of your steps can be improved through sound insulated wooden building construction method gTiger Sound Insulation Flooring Systemh.

11 Fire resistant wooden building booth
In our booth we will introduce the merits and specifications of the fire-resistant wooden buildings, which recently gaining focus due to the issuance of Regulatory Notice for such construction in 2014.

12 Store booth
This booth introduces products with excellent robustness, aesthetics and cost performance, such as gTiger Kencoath, gTiger Super Hardh etc.

13 Multiple dwelling complex booth
This booth introduces the performance and structure of gA-2000EWI, our best selling product for multiple dwelling complex (apartments) with its excellent sound insulation performance, as well as methods to solve sound insulation defect in an easy-to-understand manner.

14 Real-scale wall exhibition corner
  • Tiger Dreamy 60
    This corner introduces the basic structure of next generation type sound insulation wall "Tiger Dreamy E 60", which realized excellent sound insulation performance of TLD-60 with wall thickness of 159 mm.
  • S Wall
    This corner introduces the revolutionary fire resistant wall system "S Wall", a single-side construction wall system suitable for walls in shafts, duct spaces, etc.

15 Structural model exhibition
More than 20 structural models of our company's representative wall system products are on display. Since you can see the cross section of the structure, you can understand the combination of the substrate and the board.

16 Acoustic laboratory
This room simulates a condition where sound insulation walls are built in an actual building such as an apartment. Here you can experience what itfs like to hear the sound coming from the next room.
We can experience the sound insulation performance of about 10 types of walls, ranging from our general sound insulation walls to ultra high performance sound insulation walls, so that designers and developers and others can select the suitable sound insulation walls.

Training & Conference Facilities
Large conference room
This large conference room is a training facility with a maximum capacity of 80 people, equipped with presentation equipment such as large screen, projector and audio equipment. We are using it as a base to spread cutting-edge information to customers who purchase our products. We also have a medium-sized conference room for study sessions with 10 to 15 participants and so on.

Model wooden house
Here we introduce examples of installation of our products for wooden house.
Installation training room
This is a practice room where a full-scale wall construction can be done. We are using it as a space for our partners to understand our products and systems.

Directions to gYoshino Gypsum Toranomon Buildingh
[Nearby stations] JR Shimbashi Station, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Toranomon Station (No.1 Exit), Toei Subway Mita Line Uchisaiwaicho Station (A3 Exit)
[Address] Yoshino Gypsum Toranomon Building, 2-13-10, Nishishimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0003
[Exhibition Hall Opening Hours] 9F30 ~ 16F30 (Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidaysj
[Contact No. for Questions Regarding the Exhibition Hall] 03-5156-0068 (Yoshino Gypsum Toranomon Building Receptionist)
[Contact No. for Questions Regarding Our Products]@ 03-3284-1181 (Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd. DD Center)
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