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Cultural and Environmental CSR

In order to contribute to the development of art culture in Japan, we provide grants and the like through our CSR programs.

〔 Awards 〕
〔 Exhibition Schedule for 2019 〕
  • The schedule for art collection exhibitions owned by Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation
    Exhibition Name Venue Exhibition Period
    Hokusai Updated Mori Arts Center Gallery 2019.01.17
    〜 2019.03.24
    - poetry party Preface to start Gyodai -
    Shikinen Sengu Memorial Shrine Museum 2019.03.01
    〜 2019.03.26
    Impressionism and Beyond
    - Master Paintings from the Yoshino Gypsum Collection -
    Nagoya City Art Museum 2019.04.09
    〜 2019.05.26
    Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art2019.06.01
    〜 2019.07.21
    Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, Tokyo2019.11.01
    〜 2020.01.29
    The death of 90-year anniversary Ryusei Kishida Exhibition Tokyo Station Gallery 2019.08.31
    〜 2019.10.20
    Yamaguchi Prefectural Museum of Art2019.11.02
    〜 2019.12.23
    Nagoya City Art Museum2020.01.08
    〜 2020.03.01

We have donated French modern paintings from artists such as Renoir, Monet and Chagall.

We have donated the works of famous Japanese artists such as Uemura Shoen, Yokoyama Taikan, Kaii Higashiyama and others.

We plant trees in our forest, aiming at reducing carbon dioxide, prevention of global warming and protection and conservation of forests.

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